Wednesday, March 9, 2011

REPOST:Sweet Little Sisters… I Thank the Lord for Them

Something was wrong with my pictures when i posted this last, so i had to fix it ! Hope it works better for everyone now!

I prayed for many years for a sister, and the Lord gave me above what I could ask or think... He gave me THREE! Bethany, Brigitta & Bellhannah. I love them and am enjoying watching them grow and develop. These pics were taken this morning:




Beth was cutting up strawberries to eat on our pancakes... Gitta & Bell were cheering her on with admiring eyes and comments! :) They were taken with my phone so sorry about the poor quality... I think I'll invest in a camera soon.

These next photos are of Bellhannah. She is posing in a new dress I finished this afternoon! I have plans to make the other girls, my mother and I matching ones! (sorry about the poor quality again)


The hallway was a little dark... but the other kids were watching something in the living room, so this is what happened when I tried to take a picture in there...


Ha! Ha! HA! : D


posing in the kitchen.


She is a great encourager... she told me over & over again, how much she loved me! I'm glad she liked it.


I had to end with a picture of her little piggys peeking out from under the hem... she wouldn't stop squishing her feet against the floor... maybe her feet were nervous. :)
Hope you enjoy these!

Again, I want to reiterate how grateful I am to the Most High God in heaven for His infinite mercy shown to me in the gift of my beautiful little sisters! I pray that each would grow into a godly women and serve Him faithfully all their days!

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