Wednesday, December 14, 2011

God’s Promise

"God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower strewn pathways all our lives thru,
God has not promised sun without rain,
Peace without sorrow, joy without pain.
"But God has promised strength as our day,
Rest when we labor, Light on the way,
Grace for our trials, Help from above,
Unfading kindness, undying love.
"Tho' we have mingled sunshine and rain,
Clouds decked with rainbows, joy mixed with pain,
Let us still trust His mercies right on,
And sing His praises all the day long!"
Annie Johnson Flint

in the rain


  1. One of my favorite hymns!! Thank you for posting!

  2. It's one of my many, many, many, favorites to! You are welcome! My pleasure :) Thank you for commenting! I always love to get feedback! Love you sister!



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