Thursday, December 1, 2011

I’m Thankful:


  1. For the Lord’s merciful kindness that is great towards us
  2. For the Lord’s all sufficient grace
  3. That the Lord is our ever-present help in times of trouble
  4. For the Angel of the Lord that encampeth round them that fear Him
  5. For God’s Word that guides us in all things
  6. For Edifying hymns to sing
  7. For repentance and renewal
  8. For brothers and sisters in Christ; especially those in the Church at St. Louis
  9. That the Lord forgives all my sins and forgets all my iniquities
  10. For the example of Job. Even in the worst of trials, he blessed the Lord
  11. For all of the Lord’s benefits that He daily loadeth upon me
  12. For the Lord’s restraining Hand
  13. For the Lord’s perfect will and timing in all things
  14. For the example of all the godly women of the Bible: Sarah, Jael, Rebecca, Mary, Hannah, Ruth, etc.
  15. That the Lord is my strong hold, my high tower and hides me in the day of trouble.
  16. For the fountain that is filled with Emanuel’s Blood that washes all my sins away
  17. That the Lord chose me to live on this side of the cross
  18. That the Lord is my strength and song and my salvation
  19. For the guidance for our prayers through the Psalms
  20. That the Lord is a light unto me while I sit in darkness
  21. That the Lord is showing me the path of life and giving me fullness of joy in His presence
  22. That the Lord gives us wisdom liberally, if we ask for it
  23. For all the delectable fruits that the Lord created for my enjoyment
  24. This list could go on and on and on!

pink dewy rose “In Everything Give Thanks…”

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