Thursday, July 19, 2012

7th C of Character



• Well aware of what you are doing and its effects.
• This is not a medical definition for being awake.
• Some talk and act like their mind is far, far away.
• Awareness to others and your effect is crucial.
• Offence caused by insensitivity can be avoided.
• Some parents cannot hear their own children.
• Sarcastic souls can leave others bleeding.
• Conscious of announcements, or just careless?
• Going through the motions or pacing is not good.
• Do not just let life happen … take it by the horns.

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  1. Wednesdays meeting was great! Your dad is doing such a great job with these as are you for sharing on your blog! We are so blessed to have someone able to teach them to us so well! Love you dear!


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