Thursday, October 11, 2012


I’m thankful for “The Small 5”


Breagan, Bethany, Brigitta, Bellhannah and Berean!


  1. They are beautiful blessings and all are growing up way too fast!

  2. Thank you! Yes they are! It is hard to believe that the "baby" will be two soon! Hope that you all made it safely and are having and will continue to have an enjoyable visit! Thank you for your comment!

  3. I love these little ones, who are not so little any more! I imagine what it will be like when they are 12,14,15,17, and 20! What a lot of fun we will have then! I pray the LORD will bless them all to grow up in the beauty of His Holiness! LORD, grant their father and I wisdom and grace! You are a great big sister, Brytni! I recall three young ones, many years ago, who had much good times together and were the best of friends. I hope these little ones will follow their older siblings good examples!

  4. Thank you Mom It is hard to believe one of those "three little guys" is married! I miss having Bryant at home, but I am so thankful for Kathryn!!!!! I love my newest sister! It will be fun when they are all older! May the LORD grant us all patience and charity as we continue in love with one another as a family serving a Great High Priest and King!


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