Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Deception & Prophecy


Last week on a Wednesday evening I heard again the prophecy of Daniel of the 5 Kingdoms found in chapters 2 and 7. To hear the prophetic language, that confuses some and leads people to believe such outlandish ideas as “Left Behind” supports, explained in clear concise and logical ways, rejoiced my heart. I have heard it gone over before, but because of the confusion about prophesy and all of the lies being taught round about, I believe it to be the most difficult subject to not only retain but regurgitate to others. (for me anyway :))

HOWEVER, after Wednesday’s presentation in the form of a slideshow, with scriptures and pictures (making the topics cemented in my photographic memory) I do now think that I can longer retain the truths of Daniel’s prophesies and interpretations. Because of the work of a Man of God too, I can restudy the subject at any time! Thank you LORD!

I was thinking about the scariness of people disappearing leaving razors in the sink (The Thief in the Night), people being beheaded, etc. and how much more comforting the knowledge of the truth about the identity of the little horn (chapter 7) coming out of the fourth beast (Rome)! But then came the memory that that little horn reigned with much more ferocity than just putting people on the guillotine… The Roman Catholic Church persecuted the LORD’s children with unspeakable harshness, hatred and brutality. They murdered oh so many children of God! “Foxes’ Book of Martyrs” is a volume full of such records of this savagery. Oh how awful to go through! And yet so many saints stood in the face of that persecution.

(Martyrs being tortured and killed in various ways)

Then my thinking took a different direction… I was so thankful that I did not live at such a time with such cruelty, and do not get me wrong, I am still utterly grateful! BUT we perhaps, live at a more dangerous time than the martyrs. They were in danger of their lives, it is true, but Jesus instructed us not to fear them who are able to kill the body, but Him who is able to cast us body and soul into hell! We live in a time where it is more dangerous on a spiritual level. The martyrs were not deceived as to the identity of the little horn and his church…That same Mother of Harlots though not shedding the saints blood, is now deceiving the hearts of the simple and causing whoredom to abound.


(Bishops bowing to pope at their ordination)

It turns my stomach to see or read about the torture and deaths of the martyrs… I praise the LORD that He has not called me to go through such trials. I pray that I take not that mercy for granted, but that I live all the more carefully, soberly & wholeheartedly for the LORD. He gave so much to me, He has graciously revealed these things to me, but a babe of His, even while keeping it from the wise.

My soul, be on thy guard;
Ten thousand foes arise;
The hosts of sin are pressing hard
To draw thee from the skies.

O watch, and fight, and pray;
The battle ne’er give o’er;
Renew it boldly every day,
And help divine implore.

Ne’er think the victory won,
Nor lay thine armor down;
The work of faith will not be done,
Till thou obtain the crown.

Fight on, my soul, till death
Shall bring thee to thy God;
He’ll take thee, at thy parting breath,
To His divine abode.


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