Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hope in God…



This morning I was looking for a crochet pattern that I have used before to send to a friend who wanted to make it...

I ran across a similar pattern that was being used to raise money $1 dollar at a time for a dying  5 year old girl named Brylee. I was curious about her so I went to her blog Brylee in 5. The little girl had just died on May 19th of this year.
I read just the post about her dying, and then I skimmed over a couple other posts. There was no mention of the LORD, or His help! This woman said she didn't know how to live without her little girl... I don't know how she lives either.

I am thankful that I have the LORD! I am His and He is mine! If I had something as difficult as the death of a close family member, I would have Him to turn to for comfort and peace and hope for the resurrection to come! Thank you LORD for knowledge of you!

I don't want to take Him for granted. I want to live daily in conformity and obedience!

Psalm 121,1

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