Friday, July 11, 2014

Christ and His Bride

Then, in His love and His decrees,
Christ and His bride appeared as one,
Her sin, by imputation His,
While she in spotless splendor shone.

Just as we are imputed Adam's sin, so are we imputed Christ's righteousness! It is not just as if we'd never sinned alone, but just as if we had never sinned AND just as if we had lived every single day of our lives as righteously as Christ did! Thank you LORD!

So then, we are presented to our Bridegroom without spot or wrinkle... Only by His election and grace... only by His decree!


  1. Isn't this incredible? Thanks so much for this joyful reminder! =)
    P.S. Oh...that picture is simply stunning!

  2. Thank you for your comment Lily Marie! Yes! Christ is incredible... and He has done so much for us!! What can we not give up, give, etc. for and to HIM! You are welcome :)

    Yes, when I saw that painting, I knew it's what I wanted to use for this verse of the hymn :)


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