Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Light Affliction

"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."

2 Timothy 3:12

When we think of persecution of Christians, we generally think of the immense suffering of the flesh being tortured, torn apart, imprisoned with barely the necessities of life for years on end, being killed in ferocious ways... burning, drowning, boiling in oil, beheading, etc. The LORD has given His dear children the grace to pass through these trials with their faith in tact. They even went cheerfully singing to these hideous, tortuous, deaths. but the LORD has not called all His children to suffer these persecutions...

But in light of 2 Tim. 3:12, if we are living godly, we will be persecuted. I have often wondered how and what that persecution would taste like. My family has seen some of it when my father has decided to follow the truth of God's Word rather than mens' opinions. Being shunned by family for decisions made, being cast out of a church for doctrine believed, even being branded in some circles as "No brother of Christians"... but still, that was for my father's decisions. Have I been persecuted for my own living?

I have pondered this often and thought about what it might include... but this morning when I checked my inbox and read a notification I got on Google+, this verse "and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." came directly to mind. Granted, it is very light. But still the name calling and rude words of my persecutor comforted, yes, COMFORTED, me. If I do not have any form of persecution, it worries me. Can people tell I am different than the world? Do they know I believe the Word of God and will choose it over the vain things of this world?

What was I being persecuted for... in truth, I had to go back and look at what I had said, because it was in April that I commented on the post of a video of a friend of mine. The video was of a sweet little girl, Amira Willighagen, singing a lovely song (not a hymn). She was 9 years old and singing on one of those talent show things I believe. Here is what I commented, which my friend who had posted the video agreed with:

"I told my little sister Bethany (9 yrs) that this girl was 9 also... here is her eye's: o.O lovely voice :) the LORD has certainly blessed her with that... I hope she glorifies Him with it. It is always sad to see a voice wasted on insignificant things :)"

And I believe what I said... God gave some people such amazing talents! Think of some modern day singers or olden day ones that you enjoy their voices but cannot or will not listen to them because what they sing does not glorify the LORD. *disclaimer* I knew my friend to be a Christian, I knew he would understand what I was saying, I knew that he would agree and I knew that if he hadn't thought about it before he would certainly do so in light of God's Word having submitted to the Bible before when I presented it to him.*

Okay, so that being told, what I got in my inbox this morning from someone who calls him/herself "Beverage Guzzler" made me turn a little pale at first, made me want to answer him with some righteous indignation, and then finally conclude not to cast pearls before swine or answer a fool according to his folly lest I be like him... I am going to now put what he said here... but I am going to edit the "bad" words a bit... though he posted it all typed out... Don't read it if crude language makes you ill...

"+Brytni Jade "It is always sad to see a voice wasted on insignificant things"  So says the overly stiff prude Christian b***h. It looks like someone ( yourself ) hates freedom of expression and speech so as long as a voice is not used to worship your God then it is deemed according to you as "insignificant"  Just who the f**k are you to judge other people's expressions and feelings and life stories outside of your religious confines as "insignificant" Miss Theocrat ?!? answer me that. My suggestion to you is to pull your head out of your Christian a**, live and let live."

I didn't know that when you comment on someone's post of a video on Google+ it uploads it as a comment on YouTube, but I guess it does and what I said offended this person. Now, like I said, this was quite a light bit of persecution... I almost didn't want to call it that. But there are those who truly hate God and do not want to acknowledge Him and His authority in any, let alone all their thoughts.

I'll end this by saying, I am thankful for this comment I got this morning. It caused me to have some good thoughts and a good communing with my LORD.

I hope that should the persecution get a little stiffer, harsher, heavier, in this country, that I shall just as thankfully be able to endure it...just like this very light affliction.

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