Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Suffereth Long...

Charity suffereth long...

It considers others as more important than one’s self and so gives up self and tolerates many personal offences while yet continuing to love and serve the offender(s).

Humility is a key in this, as well as the other phrases in 1 Corinthians 13. If we put ourselves down (where we belong) then it is easy to forgive and forget again & again & again &... the offences of others toward us.

Sometimes we wonder how long is long? (Uhm, is that a humble question? How would it sound if we said it like this... "How long do I have to wait until I get to slap them back and it will be okay?") Well, if we look at the LORD's longsuffering toward us, we get an answer to our question. We daily sin against a Holy, Holy, Holy, God and yet He does not fry us... We deserve a frying because He is HOLY. Our neighbor doesn't deserve a frying for "hurting" us because we are NOTHING. How long do we want to LORD to suffer us?

Suffer... it does not sound like a pleasant word, so we know that it will be difficult because of our pride and flesh... but we are to SUFFER long... Put off the Pride and Forsake the Flesh.

70 x 7= 490 (Nope, that doesn't mean count 'til we get to that # ;))

The LORD has forgiven us so much, what can we not forgive our brother?


  1. Dearest daughter, Thank you for your thoroughness in hearing God's Word preached each Lord's Day, and taking hold of it by reviewing and writing about it. Your thoughts here are excellent! Great job sharing your convictions!


    1. Thank you Dad :) I am thankful for a review of your sermon preached a couple of years ago upon the subject :) thank you for leading our family :)



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