Saturday, December 20, 2014

What For?

"And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?"

1 Samuel 17:29

Do you remember what was happening when David said these words? He had gone down to Saul's camp when they were up against the Philistines and had heard the blasphemous words of the giant and with zeal assayed to go out against Goliath! He couldn't believe the lack of courage that the army was displaying because they had JEHOVAH on their side!

Now I fast forward to now... to this generation. What is different about today than about that day? Jesus Christ, the promised seed has been to earth, lived a sinless life and then sacrificed that life for His Father's elect and He will never lose one of us!

If David, for the love of the LORD JEHOVAH, could face the philistine giant... can we, no, can I, for the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, face this life, its trials, the world and temptation and stand? Yes! The LORD helping me I can! And so can you! Pray for it.

If we let the trials of this life rule our spirit and our passion for living zealously for our God, we have not truly understood the consequences and there is a verse or 2 about that... About counting the cost. There is a cost for the cause, but if we count it and surrender ourselves to it, to Him, then we can live victoriously for Him! If we do not then we will be waylaid!We will become dead weight to the Kingdom of Heaven at best... We will become as blasphemers of our Lord at worst! LORD keep me in Thy Way!

I have been rejoicing in the mercy of God... He gave me His truth, a zeal for it... He gave me such passion to say with David so sincerely "Is there not a cause?!"... but then, because of life, the trials sent, etc. I can and have become discouraged, cast down and have failed to tell my spirit to hope in God!but yet there is a promise, one given to Israel which I can lay hold of by faith that says, "I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely, for mine anger is turned away from him. I will be as the dew unto Israel. He shall grow as the lily and cast forth his roots as Lebanon..." It goes on with more sweetness (I typed that from memory may not be word for word from Hosea 14) He will heal any backsliding when we acknowledge it and repent!

Now, is there not a cause to find our first passionate love and rekindle it with fire from above!?! I believe there is! Jesus Christ and His goodness and mercy are enough to live for without anything else in this world! He is completely and fully satisfying! Nope, don't read that as redundant because our English language fails to adequately state His nature! Were we able to speak in the tongue of angels it wouldn't give Him justice!

The things in this life tend to distract us from the Cause and when we have hopes disappointed here we grow weary in well doing and sometimes become as the Psalmist saying "There is no reward for the righteous..." But oh there is! And we ought not to forget it! The problem lies in where we put our hope... the things in this life? Or the things above... Jesus Christ!

What for? What do we live for? Jesus Christ! Let us not grow weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not! Call upon Him, He will hear you, be with you in trouble, deliver you... and finally be looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ! Who gave Himself for us!!!

My mind's been full... this is a little of what has been in it... perhaps more will come :)


  1. Brytni, AMEN! This was so encouraging to me! Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak; for your work shall be rewarded! Praying for you this week, dear sister! :)

  2. Thank you sweet girl! I was so pleased to find your comment in my inbox upon my return from work today! I am thankful for you and thankful we get to sojourn here in fear together :) Love you!


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