Thursday, January 15, 2015


Sometimes the LORD says wait.

Sometimes the LORD says go ahead.

Sometimes the LORD says not right now.

Sometimes the LORD says here you go.

Sometimes the LORD says no.

Trust is something that we learn over our life time (don’t laugh because I am only 23 J). My journey is young yet, though it could end “early” depending on His will. Yet I see His faithfulness more and more, guiding me, teaching me to trust Him in ALL things in my life.

When you are little your extent of trust is trusting in your daddy and mommy to care for you and love you. You really take no thought of it. It’s just there. You know they will be there and you trust them to never leave or forsake you. When you stumble and scrape your knee, you run to daddy to fix it.  As you get older though, you develop other relationships with people, maybe in school, maybe at church… wherever, and your trust may be shaken in people because people change, people sin, etc. You may even shake someone else’s trust in you…

The LORD regenerates your heart at some point… it may be early (as it was for me) or it may be later in life. Then you learn what it is to trust the LORD. He never breaks His promises and you want to have that trust in Him that is as complete as yours was as a child in your parents. And perhaps it is… in the beginning. Then, life happens...

When trials come, that trust is put to the test. He may start with small trials. You may ace them! Then He may send you a big test… He wants to see if you’ll sacrifice your Isaac and remain faithful to Him. Perhaps you’re an Abraham and you immediately gather the wood to burn him… or perhaps you stumble…

You trip on the stone in the pathway and you scrape your knee. It hurts and you forget to look up into your Father’s face. For some reason the only thing you can think about is the pain in your knee… You look for things to sooth the pain and you forget to ask your Father to make it better. While your eyes are focused on that scrape and the things you hope will make it better, you stumble over another stone and scrape your other knee! Now there is so much pain you don’t know what to do with yourself… Why is it that you don’t look up to the Father?! I am not sure why that is…but the next stone that lay there in your path trips you yet again and you fall flat on your face. Now you don’t feel much like getting up and going on again…but someone’s Arms suddenly surround your small and frail frame. You feel yourself being carried like a lamb in the bosom of the Shepherd… and you look up into the smiling face of your Father… You smile up at him with tears in your eyes and say, “why were you so far from helping me?” and He looks back with calm reproof saying, “I have never left or forsaken you, my child, you were so caught up in your distress, in your pain and grief, that you were not looking to me for hope or comfort, though all the time my hand was stretched out to help and heal you.” Regret fills your heart… and you begin to weep. Why hadn’t you looked to the Father? Why had the first scrape caused you to forget Him, though He had always been faithful for all of your 20 some years? Now you are battered and bruised all over from your falls, when you could have been healed of the first simply by asking Him and trusting Him and watching Him bandage the scrape and strengthen your heart with His love…  You beg your father to forgive you! You look to Him with pleading humility and sorrow… He says, “You are forgiven.” And peace floods your weary soul. “Thank you!” you whisper, as you lay your head upon His breast. “I will look to you from now on! In my distress I will look up and call on you and I know you will answer me.”

 The Father is merciful. He has a purpose for the trials that lie in our pathways... He will build your trust and faith in Him! He will teach you humility. He will teach you how to forgive others and be merciful. He will teach you to be charitable. He will teach you to put all your hope in Him. He will teach you that all things in this life are temporal and He alone is Eternal. He will give you hope after a storm. He will forgive you for not looking up. He will forgive the stumbling that you did… He forgives your sin and trespasses freely and forgets them… He will give you so much joy from the phrase “as far as the east is from the west”. He will teach you true happiness and peace…and trust.

“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:”

Thankful this verse is talking about a JUST man! We are not sinless… but we can repent and be restored!

He is full of truth and grace.

He is full of mercy and love.

He is full of compassion and pity.

He is full of tenderness and kindness.

He is full of forgiveness and healing.


  1. Amen! Nearer my God to Thee! I am thankful for the trials that bring us closer to our Merciful and Benevolent Father! May we ever be found faithful , come what may. Thank you for the post!

  2. Thank you for the comment, mom with the pretty middle name :)


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